DEC questions

I've received a few comments along the lines of  "Enough already with the backpacks! I have twenty of them and can't use them any more!" So a possible replacement is a nice duffle (gym) bag instead of a backpack.  So question number 1 is:

Would you rather have a backpack or a duffle bag to carry your DEC swag in?

Another question is regarding the way we make the presentations available. Traditionally we've printed the presos ahead of time and included them in a binder for each attendee. There are three problems with this. 1) It is a big PITA to assemble the books. 2) Many speakers don't have their presos ready until, say, the day of their session. 3) Most attendees want electronic copy anyway. So the second question is:

Should we provide a binder with some of the presos in it or provide the presos electronically (downloadable) at the time of the session?

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