DEC Collaborator's Wiki Goes Live

The DEC Collaborator's Wiki went live last night, and so far the response has been very positive. Pamela Dingle (Nulli Secondus) and Brad Turner (Ensynch) think it is a cool idea, and Gary Wilson, the Identity and Access MVP lead, thinks "IT ROCKS!" (Gary's a very enthusiastic guy by nature.)

Pesonally, I'm really excited to see if this wiki will create a different dynamic between conference speakers and conference attendees. Instead of having "the guy in front" vs. "the audience", this wiki has the potential to break down some of the inherent barriers to communication and establish some rapport before the conference even starts. We'll see how it works out. As I said in the email to the DEC collaborators, its an experiment.

All the presenters and workshop collaborators have credentials to edit the pages, and I will send out a broad announcement to and MMSUG tonight so that the public can start adding commentary to the pages. Please feel free to blog or otherwise post about the wiki... in this case, the more eyeballs and fingers in the pie, the better. (Ewww, that's a nasty metaphor. What was I thinking?)