Building the DEC LH AD Workshop VMs

This is the first installment of the instructions that show how to build the virtual machine environment used in the DEC Longhorn AD workshop.

The first step is to download the required software and arrange it in the directory structure that the setup scripts are expecting. Much of the software is proprietary, although it is all free. Therefore I can’t just zip it up for you; you’ll have to go and download it yourself.

I’ve created a .zip file containing the required directory structure, along with the setup scripts here. After you download and expand this zip file, you’ll need to go through the directory structure and download the software required for each subdirectory. To make this a little easier, each subdirectory has a directory listing showing all the required files, along with the URLs identifying where to download the files from.

·         Download the setup scripts zip file from here.

·         Expand the zip file onto a server that will be reachable by your virtual machines.

·         Go through the resultant directory hierarchy, and in each subdirectory where you find a readme.txt file, go to the indicated URL and download the files into that subdirectory. Note that there are some redundant setup files (they show up in more than once place in the hierarchy). This is just an artifact of the way the setup scripts worked. You only have to download the files once, but they do have to appear in all the places indicated.

·         Navigate to the \WORKSHOP directory created from the zip file and create a share called WORKSHOP. Ensure that the virtual machines you will create have access to the share and the entire directory structure underneath it.

·         Compare the directory listing from each readme.txt file to the contents of its subdirectory. They should match.

Once you are certain you have download all the right files and dropped them into the correct place in the directory structure, you can move on to the next installment, where you will create the virtual machines.