Contract administrator hacks Navy computers

From the "its always the guys inside the firewall" department:

The Virginan-Pilot and Information Security News

Remember the movie Crimson Tide? My favorite scene in that movie might be the one where Capt. Ramsey (Gene Hackman) slugs his XO Lt Cmdr Hunter in the chin. Point blank. Twice. Take that, you Harvard simp!

I can just imagine a scenario where a disgruntled Navy contractor sysadmin takes his frustrations out on a critical system, and "Hey look! Are those missiles in the air?" Granted, weapons systems are better controlled than the ones that Sylvestre had access to, but still... Look at what happened when a USS Greenville plowed into a Japanese fishing boat back in 2001. Sylvestre's malware could have easily resulted in a similar collision.

Come on guys! How'd you let a clown like Sylvestre into the computer room?


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