The Experts Hour: Active Directory Disaster Recovery Podcast Series

I’ve been working on a series of podcasts devoted to Active Directory Disaster Recovery (one of my favorite topics). The format is a little like a talk radio show: I act as the moderator, and I have one or two guest experts in the(virtual) studio to discuss various issues around AD DR. I did the first podcast before TEC in Las Vegas, which focused on AD DR planning. Bill Foster, an Active Directory architect at a large US corporation, and Shawn Barker, PM for AD recovery products at Quest were the guests. Bill’s environment is quite large, and he had some great insights into the entire process of DR planning, from risk assessment through recovery planning and testing. I’ve seen his AD DR plan, and I can tell you, it is a righteous piece of work. Shawn brought a lot of perspective from the product team as well as experience with a wide range of customers. The AD DR planning podcast is available on The Experts Community website at

The other podcasts that I’ve planned for AD DR include:

  • Group Policy Disaster Recovery
  • Backing up Active Directory
  • Recovering Active Directory data
  • Recovering the Active Directory service (including domain and forest recovery)

I’m recording the Group Policy disaster recovery segment tomorrow. Darren Mar-Elia of GPO Guy and SDM Software fame and Chris Ashley, the PM for Quest’s GP products, will be my guests. We’ll discuss how GP works, what some of the risks GP failures pose to your environment, how you can mitigate those risks, and finally, different strategies for backing up and recovering group policies. As with all the content on The Experts Community website, the podcasts aren’t product pitches or marketing fluff; they are real-world insights from real-world experts. I hope you take the time to download the podcasts and listen to them and I’d love to hear any of your feedback, including suggestions for other podcast topics.

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